Rules and Conditions of Use

Arrival and Departure:

Group leader/person in charge must introduce themselves to the Camp Warden on arrival.

Prior to departure, arrange with the Camp Warden for payment of fees and for an inspection of areas used.

The Camp Warden owns the adjacent property - 41B Ostrich Farm Road. His house is situated just north of Schlaepfer Park.


A booking for Schlaepfer Park does not give users exclusive rights to the use of the property.

Safety and Hazards:

Please be aware that there are many dangers and hazards to be found in the natural environment here.

Activity Leaders are responsible to ensure that all personnel are warned of the hazards that occur on the property such as:

  • Tree roots, holes.

  • Dead trees, both standing and fallen.

  • Cliffs and steep banks.

  • Waterfalls and streams, Rocks and slippery areas.

  • Barbed wire fences - some old fences can be found with barbed wire on them.

  • Hawthorn trees, Barberry bushes, Gorse and Blackberry (sharp prickles).

  • Railway Line on the southern boundary.

  • Bees or wasps. Advise the Camp Warden if any nests are sighted.

  • Footwear should be worn at all times.

Fire Alarm:

Fire alarm manual activation switches are located on the Scout and Rotary Cabins, and in Svendsen Lodge.

This a local alarm and is not connected to the Fire Service.

In event of a fire, break the glass and operate the switch, then call 111.

Fire Fighting Equipment:

Fire hoses are located on the West end of the Svendsen Lodge, on the North end of the Rotary Hut and on the front of the Rover Hut.

Dry powder type extinguisher is located in the Svendsen Lodge kitchen and a Foam extinguisher is located by the Eastern door of Svendsen Lodge.

Smoke detectors are fitted in each cabin of the Rotary and Scout huts. These must not be played with. Continual unauthorized pressing of the test buttons flattens the batteries. If they are beeping, please contact the Camp Warden.

Assembly Area

In event of an Emergency, all persons should assemble on the grassed area near the car park but away from the parked cars and the buildings

Electrical Main Switches:

The main electricity switch is located in the Switch Board on the outside wall, north western end of the Rover Hut.

Sub main switches are found in the Svendsen Lodge, Kotuku bunk room and Matata bunk room.

Open Fires:

All fires need the approval of the Camp Warden. Fires are only permitted on an approved fire base. This base must be raised approx. 200mm clear of the ground either with legs or bricks or similar. The fire must not damage the grass. The old method of removing the turf is no longer permitted. Check with the Warden if your base is acceptable.

  • Fires must not be left unattended at any time and Fire Buckets full of water or fire extinguishers must be placed near fires

  • An area, away from fire sites, should be designated for firewood preparation.

  • Users must bring their own supplies of firewood.

  • Care must be taken with axes and saws. They must only be used at the designated firewood area – They are not permitted to be taken into the bush.

  • Firewood is not to be gathered from in the bush - it will be wet or rotten and will not be suitable for fire.

  • Fires must be completely doused with water on conclusion of use.

  • All fire wood, including any partially burnt wood, the ashes/charcoal and wood fragments must be completely removed from the property.

Camp Fires:

Only one camp fire is permitted during the duration of a users stay. Removing turf for any type of fire is no longer allowed. The Camp Warden can supply a camp fire base.

Camp Fires are to be built in the Log Cabin style on this base with wood that is between 400 mm and 600 mm long and only needs enough firewood to last approximately 30 minutes. The purchase of 2 bags of fire wood from super markets or hardware firms will supply sufficient wood for a good fire.

Advice is freely available from our Camp Warden.


Groups must have a programme of activities that keep participants involved. Free times should be minimal as unsupervised people may cause damage to our bush, ground and facilities. Back up activities are a must in case of adverse/wet conditions occur. Many activities can be carried out within the bush when it is raining. Needless milling around on campsites/grassed areas causes the ground to become very muddy. Leaders need to be aware that their actions could cause the area to be unusable for the next campers.


The Camp Warden has the right and authority to halt any activity that is being carried out contrary to the rules listed in this document or it is considered that the activity is not being carried out is a safe and responsible manner.

Bush Chapel:

This is an area for “Scout’s Own” and other ceremonies such as weddings, funerals and religious activities. Youth members should only be in this area with Adult Supervision. It is a special area and must not used as an activity base.


The stream is not to be dammed or any blockage constructed that impedes the flow of water. The stream above the waterfall is considered to be to dangerous due to the steep banks of this portion of the stream. In all areas of the stream, care must be taken not to erode the soil or damage the flora and fauna.

Waterfall and it’s pool:

The stream as it leaves the waterfall pool must not be dammed up or the flow restricted in any way. In the past, blocking the flow of the stream has caused the water to wash away the area at the bottom of the steps, making it difficult to get up and down. Extra care must be taken in this area as the banks here are prone to erosion and people climbing up and down in areas other than where the steps are, will cause damage which we will be unable to rectify.


Fishing, netting or catching eels (Tuna), stream fish or fresh water crayfish (Koura) is not permitted.

Feeding of the eels is allowed and encouraged.

Bush Areas:

Users are able to use more of the bush area, than is owned by the Scout Assn. It is important that users are aware that some of the land has been covenanted which means care has to be taken within the privately owned areas - consult with the Camp Warden as to where these areas are and what conditions apply.

Bivouacs and Huts:

The construction of bivouacs or huts using natural materials found in the bush areas is NOT PERMITTED.

Bivouacs and Huts made with materials that Groups bring can be made but must have adult supervision. Please ensure that group members do not cause any damage to the flora and fauna, roads and tracks.

Activity or Construction Material:

Users are to provide their own activity material. Often construction type materials are stored at the Park and users are not to help themselves to any of these items. Check with the Camp Warden.


Water is piped to some sites. Water conservation must be practiced.


Toilet facilities are available at the main ablution block. Long drop type or portable toilets may be erected at campsites, but only with the Camp Warden’s approval.

Challenging Activities:

All challenging activities i.e. abseiling, flying fox etc, must be carried out according to Scouting Safety Standards, National Safety Standards or under the control of a suitably qualified instructor.


Sliding down slopes/steep ground is not permitted – mud slides are not permitted. Water slides, using plastic sheets is allowed but only on grassed areas – check with the Camp Warden.


Please keep to the walking tracks which have been made to make it easier to get around the bush areas. They help to protect the ground and are helping to retain the leaf litter which enables new vegetation to grow.


A high standard of discipline is expected at all times.

  • No running around except during organized activities.

  • No pushing/shoving.

  • Bullying will not be tolerated.

  • Stone throwing/kicking is not acceptable behavior.

  • Carrying around sticks and hitting things is not acceptable behavior.

  • Foul language is not acceptable.


Noise control is the same as if you are in the city areas. It must be reduced at a reasonable time. The Camp Warden could make a complaint to Auckland Council Noise Control if noise is not reduced by 10.30pm


Alcohol is permitted but must be consumed in moderation by adults only and not in the presence of children


Groups need to make sure that vehicles are not traveling in and out of the property unnecessarily as this creates excess wear and tear on our driveway (particularly when it is wet/raining – creates potholes) and can be a nuisance to our neighbours due to the dust created when drive is dry.

A 20 kph restriction applies on the drive.

Failure to abide by the rules and conditions laid out in this document or failure to obey any verbal rules/instruction given by the Camp Warden may result in termination of your booking. This will mean that your Group will be expected to leave the property as soon as is practical.

Clean Up

Clean Up Duties:

All users are responsible to ensure that Schlaepfer Park and its buildings are left in a clean and tidy condition. Preferrably better than when you arrived. The following list details the duties that must be performed:

Equipment Supplied:

  • The following equipment is in the cleaning cupboard in Svendsen Lodge

  • Vacuum Cleaner (you are not required to empty the cleaner)

  • Brooms

  • Commercial string mops and wheeled bucket

  • Sponge Mops and Mop Bucket

  • Brushs & shovels

  • Toilet cleaner, disinfectant, floor cleaner

  • Paper towels

Svendsen Lodge - Hall:

  • Tables and stools to be cleaned down. Tables to folded up, and stacked against the wall.

  • Floor to be swept/vacuumed and then mopped to remove all traces of food, dirt, mud etc

  • A container of floor cleaning product is supplied

Svendsen Lodge - Kitchen:

  • Stove to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

  • Range hood and splash back to be cleaned.

  • Refrigerator/Freezer to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

  • Sinks and bench tops to be cleaned.

  • Floor to be swept/vacuumed and then mopped.

Svendsen Lodge - Veranda:

  • Sweep the deck.

  • Hose or mop the deck if muddy.

  • Sweep the paving slabs in front of the deck.

Ablution Block:

  • The Ablution Block should be cleaned last – just prior to departure.

  • Cleaning materials are supplied.

  • Empty rubbish bins.

  • Hand basins cleaned.

  • Toilets to be cleaned and flushed. Seats to be lowered.

  • Showers to be cleaned down.

Floors to be swept, then mopped.

Scout and Rotary Accommodation Huts:

  • Curtains to be pulled open.

  • Lights turned off.

  • Windows and doors to be left open to air the rooms

  • Bunks to be checked for rubbish/belongings and mattresses stood on edge leaning against the wall.

  • Floor to be vacuumed. Cleaner is located in cleaning cupboard in Svendsen Lodge.

  • Any dirty marks on walls, bunks to be cleaned off.

  • Concrete in front of huts to be swept and rubber door mats placed inside the door.

Concrete Areas:

  • To be swept or hosed down if covered with mud.

  • Grounds, Bush Areas & Camp Sites:

  • To be left in a clean and tidy condition - no food scraps, rubbish etc.

  • Any dead wood, fire wood etc to be cleared from grassed areas.

  • Users should perform an EMU parade on all areas that they have used.

Rubbish and Waste:

Users are to remove all their rubbish from the site. Please check and empty rubbish bins provided by Schlaepfer Park. Rubbish includes fire ashes and partially burnt wood. Also includes any bits and pieces of activity materials left on the grounds.

Food scraps are not to be thrown into bush areas – this encourages rats, mice and possums.


Users must not leave the property until all the areas used have been inspected and okayed by the Camp Warden.