Outdoor Accommodation

The property has many areas suitable for camping, with good shelter. Some sites require more ground improvements but are usable by smaller groups. All sites are Back-to-Basics camping with water piped to some sites but without permanent toilets. Check with the Camp Warden before digging wet and dry pits

Open fires are permitted depending on the fire restrictions which the Auckland Council may impose from time to time, due to extreme dry conditions.

Firewood is not supplied and users should bring their own supply for cooking fires and for any planned Campfire. Firewood is not to be gathered from the bush - this wood will be wet or rotten and will not be suitable as firewood.

The old method of cutting and removing turf for a fire is not permitted. All fires are to be made on a fire base that is clear of the grass by at least 200mm so as not to burn the grass. Users must check with the Camp Warden for approval of the fire base to be used. A Camp Fire base is available which takes wood 600mm to 800mm long, to make a log cabin style fire which could burn for 20 to 30 minutes. Again check with the Camp Warden.

Bottom Field

Top Field

Communal Green


A strict outdoor code applies to the use of these grounds. More information on this can be found our Outdoor Code page.

To protect the native bush, strict rules are enforced as to the use of knives, axes and saws.